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Thursday, 16 Jan 2014

How to do stuff (an illustrated guide) Always plan ahead 1st teen in space I guess he's just unlucky How human brain works Well... I'm convinced Two Stages of Winter Top 10 world's best selfies Walter White's new business venture What your email response time says about you This doesn't make any sense What the hell you lookin' at?

Sunday, 12 Jan 2014

The expression of true fear Politically correctness 101 World's funniest joke Back in my day things were... Annual rhyme dance Where do kitties go when they die? Ladies, you know this is true The decision making process of dogs Nature rebelling against humanity! A smile that will melt your heart Purpose Papa, why? Why?

Wednesday, 08 Jan 2014

The life cycle of the common job Guess where I was hangin' out last night? The adventures of business cat A game of marbles Such a brilliant boy! The world is yours!* No. No! NO!!! Apple mailbox It's time to say goodbye A hand... The reason why we're still alive My New Year's resolution